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We aim to unlock the full potential of powerful systemic therapies to change the standard of care for patients suffering from severe diseases including cancer.

Tagworks Pharmaceuticals was built to resolve the challenges of bringing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and other potent therapies into mainstream cancer treatment. We are the pioneers of the technology known as Click-to-Release, and the first company built to utilize this therapeutic approach. Click-to-Release was developed based on the 2022 Nobel Prize winning research of Carolyn Bertozzi, Morten Meldal and Barry Sharpless, as well as on the foundational work of Joseph Fox (University of Delaware). This technology, centered on the use of a selective chemical (click) reaction in the body to release a payload, enables on-target activation of ADCs, masked Immunomodulators and other prodrugs, as well as off-target deactivation of radioimmunotherapies.

We are initially leveraging our Click-to-Release platform to overcome the main constraints of ADCs, being their limited target scope and limited therapeutic window. Our approach has the potential to expand the number of ADC targets to non-internalizing receptors and markers, and to enable the safe delivery to and controlled activation of the ADCs in the tumor microenvironment for increased efficacy and safety. Our lead program targets TAG72, a non-internalizing target that is widely expressed in a range of difficult-to-treat solid tumors.

We have assembled world class expertise and resources, striving to lower the hurdle to success against solid tumors.

Tagworks is headquartered in The Netherlands and in addition has operations in the United States.








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