Bianca Matthee, MSc., PharmD.

VP Research Operations

Bianca Matthee, PharmD., brings nearly 20 years of experience in the operational realization of corporate strategy in biotech/pharma. She has filled line- and program leadership positions in businesses of various sizes and has advised multiple biotech firms as an independent consultant.

Before joining Tagworks, Bianca filled the position of Chief Operating Officer of Hybridize Therapeutics where she was co-responsible for the deal with AiCuris GmbH for the development of a novel antiviral treatment. She acquired her scale up expertise at ProQR Therapeutics, being one of its first employees and part of the Sr Leadership. Bianca has contributed significantly to the growth and maturation of ProQR by rapid and solid assembly of the team and infrastructure enabling clinical research in multiple diseases. In addition to Hybridize and ProQR, Bianca has held positions in R&D at CureVac (Frame), Johnson & Johnson (Crucell) and Merck, Sharp & Dome (Organon, Schering Plough).

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