October 8, 2015
1 min read

NanoNextNL awards two valorization grants to Tagworks

Tagworks Pharmaceuticals has received two valorization grants, €180,000 total, from NanoNextNL, the Dutch research and innovation program on nanotechnology. The grants will be used to take two of the company's core programs to the next level.

One grant concerns Tagworks' antibody drug conjugate (ADC) technology and will be applied to further demonstrate the benefits of the use of click chemistry to activate ADCs on the tumor. The other grant will be dedicated to further development of a novel liver-targeted clearing agent. Through a chemical reaction, this agent enables instantaneous clearance of tagged nanomedicine from the blood at any desired time. Such an agent offers promising perspectives for boosting the therapeutic window of ADCs or drug containing liposomes by controlling and minimizing off-target toxicity. Furthermore, when used in combination with directly labelled antibodies in companion diagnostic applications, use of this agent will improve the target/blood ratio and thus enhance image quality.

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