Synthetic Chemist (PhD/MSc)

Job title: (Senior) Scientist

Location: Mercator III (Toernooiveld 1), Nijmegen

Job type: Full time


Job description

Tagworks Pharmaceuticals is looking for a motivated synthetic chemist (PhD or MSc) to join our research team in Nijmegen. The focus of the position is to design and synthesize small molecule triggers and drug-linker systems with the aim to develop more effective cancer treatments. You will contribute to the design of new treatment modalities from Tagworks’ proprietary Click-to-Release platform, which is centered on the bioorthogonal cleavage reaction between trans-cyclooctene and tetrazine derivatives.

Desired profile

  • You hold a PhD in a field related to organic, bioorganic, or medicinal chemistry, or you hold an MSc with 2 years of relevant industry experience
  • Broad experience with chemical synthesis and the associated purification (HPLC, column chromatography) and characterization techniques (LC-MS, NMR)
  • You are passionate about doing lab work
  • You have a good command of English
  • You are a creative problem solver and you have good communication skills

Key responsibilities

  • Develop new applications and new components from design to chemical synthesis
  • Keep up with the scientific literature and incorporate new developments in the research programs
  • Contribute to patent and publication preparation

We offer

A challenging position at a biotech company that is translating in vivo chemistry to the clinic to improve cancer therapy. You will join an enthusiastic team and an informal working culture. A challenging and independent position with plenty of room for your own ideas. We are a young company, and your work will shape Tagworks’ pipeline and help the company grow.

About Tagworks

Tagworks is focused on revolutionizing cancer therapies by in vivo chemical manipulation of the therapeutic window across a range of treatment modalities such as antibody drug conjugates (Rossin et al., Nature Comm., 9.1 (2018): 1-11) and targeted radiotherapy. The Tagworks technology is based on the proprietary Click-to-Release reaction, which is so far the only bioorthogonal cleavage reaction with clinical potential.

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To apply (with CV and cover letter) for or to inquire about the position, please reach out to before April 26th 2021.