Products & Services


Tagworks aims to develop a pipeline of Radioimmunotherapy and Antibody-Drug Conjugate product candidates that are fully owned, or developed with or by partners.


Tagworks offers services to and engages in collaborations with the biopharmaceutical industry on (pre)clinical companion imaging of therapeutic antibody pipelines using its proprietary In Vivo Chemistry platform.

Due to the universal protein modification, the minimal perturbation of the tagged construct, the high target-to-nontarget ratios, and the possibility to use short-lived PET radionuclides, this technology is an ideal approach towards companion diagnostics for therapeutic antibodies. In principle, an antibody can be imaged over a long period at selected time points with short-lived isotopes (using e.g. 18F-tetrazine probes), while retaining the properties of the parent antibody, including its pharmacokinetics.

Alternatively, the target-to-blood ratios of directly radiolabeled antibodies can be improved by incorporating a tag on the antibody, enabling temporally controlled clearance of the tagged and radiolabeled antibody from circulation by administration of a tetrazine-functionalized clearing agent prior to an imaging procedure.

Tagworks’ partnerships include a collaboration with a top-5 pharma partner on companion diagnostics.