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29 October 2015

Tagworks paper on pretargeting using click chemistry in vivo

In a recent paper in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Tagworks, in collaboration with Austrialian biotech company Avipep, describes an…
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8 October 2015

NanoNextNL awards two valorization grants to Tagworks

Tagworks Pharmaceuticals has received two valorization grants, €180,000 total, from NanoNextNL, the Dutch research and innovation program on nanotechnology. The grants…
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2 July 2015

Tagworks and City of Hope secure US$ 465k ‘Breakthrough Award’ from US Department of Defense

For their proposal “Click chemistry-triggered activation of Antibody-Drug Conjugates”, Tagworks Pharmaceuticals and the research group of professor Paul Yazaki at…
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10 March 2015

Tagworks features in Medicines

The latest edition of Medicines, a Dutch journal on drug development, features Tagworks Pharmaceuticals in the start-up sections. The article…
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5 September 2014

Paper on improved antibody tag in Molecular Pharmaceutics

Developing an antibody tag with improved pharmacokinetics and stability allowed Tagworks to achieve increased tumor uptake of a radiolabeled pretargeting…
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5 September 2014

Current Opinion in Chemical Biology features Tagworks review

Approaches that use in vivo chemistry to enable non-invasive molecular imaging and therapy are much sought after. Taking the recent…
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7 July 2014

Tagworks presents at Gordon Research Conference

Marc Robillard, CEO of Tagworks Pharmaceuticals has been invited to speak during the Gordon Research Conference on Organic Reactions and…
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16 December 2013

Tagworks and the University of Missouri-Columbia receive $ 585k NIH grant

Together with prof. Tom Quinn of the University of Missouri-Columbia, Tagworks succeeded in securing an Exploratory/Development grant from the US…
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26 November 2013

Click to release – Tagworks publishes new approach to selective bioorthogonal release

By modifying the fastest and highly selective click reaction, the inverse-electron-demand-Diels-Alder reaction, Tagworks has achieved selective bioorthogonal release. This holds…
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7 October 2013

Tagworks paper in Journal Nuclear Medicine

Tagworks’ pretargeting technology can boost tumor/non-tumor ratios compared with conventional radioimmunoimaging and -therapy. Published in Journal Nuclear Medicine 2013, 54,…
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6 June 2013

Tagworks paper in Bioconjugate Chemistry

Antibody tags with 10-fold increased reactivity and enhanced in vivo stability – Check the paper on ‘Highly reactive trans-cyclooctene tags…
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7 May 2013

Tagworks to present at SNMMI 2013 in Vancouver

On Wednesday June 12, Tagworks CEO Marc Robillard is a speaker in the “Probes for Oncology: Novel Oncology Probes and…
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8 October 2012

New collaboration

Top-5 pharma company and Tagworks start collaboration on companion diagnostics.