Tagworks Pharmaceuticals is a privately held biotech company based in the Netherlands. Using proprietary in vivo click chemistry, Tagworks aims to increase efficacy & decrease toxicity across a range of systemic cancer treatments – from antibody-drug conjugates and prodrugs to targeted radiotherapeutics. The company’s facilities are located at the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen. Tagworks is a spin-out of Philips Healthcare, and originates from Philips’ molecular imaging expertise.



Marc Robillard, PhD
Tagworks Pharmaceuticals

Raffaella Rossin, PhD
Tagworks Pharmaceuticals

Zach Taylor, MBA
BioNTech USA


If you are interested in working at Tagworks in, but the above vacancies are not a match, send us an open application (hr@tagworkspharma.com) with your CV and cover letter in which you explain what your ideal assignment would look like. We will retain your application in our database for one year and we will contact you when we have a job matching your skills and expertise.