Tagworks Pharmaceuticals is developing a unique approach towards antibody-based imaging and therapy. Tagworks’ technology enables the actuation of tagged antibodies through selective chemical manipulation in vivo, improving the efficacy of established approaches such as Radioimmuno-imaging and –therapy and Antibody-Drug Conjugates.

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4 May 2018

Tagworks publishes convincing results of cancer therapy in mice in Nature Communications

In mouse models of ovarian and aggressive colon cancer, Tagworks Pharmaceuticals has demonstrated the potent antitumour effect of the company’s…
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27 June 2017

Tagworks featured in BioCentury

Tagworks is featured in a BioCentury article on the state of the art and clinical prospects of in vivo click…
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21 August 2016

Tagworks paper on triggered drug release in Bioconjugate Chemistry

In a recent publication in the scientific journal Bioconjugate Chemistry, Tagworks Pharma describes its success in using a bioorthogonal reaction…
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