Tagworks Pharmaceuticals is developing a unique approach towards antibody-based imaging and therapy. Tagworks’ technology enables the actuation of tagged antibodies through selective chemical manipulation in vivo, improving the efficacy of established approaches such as Radioimmuno-imaging and –therapy and Antibody-Drug Conjugates.

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27 June 2017

Tagworks featured in BioCentury

Tagworks is featured in a BioCentury article on the state of the art and clinical prospects of in vivo click…
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21 August 2016

Tagworks paper on triggered drug release in Bioconjugate Chemistry

In a recent publication in the scientific journal Bioconjugate Chemistry, Tagworks Pharma describes its success in using a bioorthogonal reaction…
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18 December 2015

Tagworks partner in €6 million EU Horizon2020 grant

A consortium of five European partners, among which Tagworks Pharmaceuticals, has secured a €6 million grant from the EU Horizon2020…
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